Integrating different sales channels into Backoffice ERP SAP, TOTVS, QAD or others.
Integration product within the Ecosystem capable of integrating any and all sales channels with SAP ERP. Generating a simple, consolidated and unique vision for your customers.


Material Weighing System.
Capable of integrating any scalable device with SAP ERP. Generating a simple, consolidated and unique vision for for your customers.


Business executive indicators.
Business monitoring platform through icons and analytical reports, with end-to-end monitoring concept and levels of navigation in the information obtained through drill down functionalities.

Next Mobile

Mobility platform for your business.
NextMobile platform, a hybrid mobile solution (iOS and Android) integrated with Backoffice SAP, TOTVS, QAD or others, supporting the approval of SAP ERP approvals flows, such as requisition and purchase orders, travel, service invoice releases, invoices and other business processes.


Traceability System.
Product reader (datamatrix, Qrcode), validation of products delivered to distributors and customers (except consumer), generation of files and sending to the traceability system at the time of entry / exit of the products.





In order to bring the ecosystem of technology and innovation closer to a specific business process, we at COACHIT can offer our business partners a multidisciplinary team that seeks, through design thinking sessions, to understand the business and provide agile support with the use of our own methodology and innovative development tools, with the purpose of applying technology for digital transformation, offering the market a joint and innovative solution in a format of co-innovation.