NF-e 4.0 :: Electronic Invoice version 4.0

SEFAZ has published the NT 2016.002 on "Alteration of the NF-e" with the new version 4.0 of the layout. The deadlines for implementation of the changes are:

  • Type Approval Area: 06/01/2017
  • PRD Environment: 08/01/2017
  • Deactivation of version 3.10: 11/06/2017
There are several small changes like new new fields for fuels / medicines and some major changes being the main ones:
  • Creation of a new group "Product traceability" (Group I80) to allow the traceability of any product subject to sanitary regulations, recall cases, agricultural pesticides, veterinary products, dental products, medicines, beverages, bottled water, packaging, etc., from the indication of batch number information, manufacturing / production date.
  • Creation of FCP-related fields for internal or interstate operations with ST. Changes the NF-e layout to identify the amount owed as a result of the percentage of ICMS related to the Fund to Combat Poverty, provided for in the Federal Constitution, in Art. 82 of ADCT
  • Transitory Constitutional Provisions Act, in internal operations or interstate operations with Tax Replacement, not served by the fields created in the ICMS Tax Group for the destination UF.
  • Inclusion of field in the Total Group of the NF-e to inform the total value of the IPI (id: W12a) in case of return of goods by a non-taxable establishment.
About the Validation Rules

The process of validating the data is the responsibility of the Authorizing SEFAZ, not bringing, in principle, a great impact for the companies. However, these validations are also intended to guide companies on how to report the data in the document and, in this sense, may eventually lead to some changes in their applications. The alteration of the layout itself will in itself lead to the need for inclusion and / or change in validation rules. In addition, some new validations have been defined, highlighting the following:

  • Validation (B25b-40) to compile the fields refNFe (id: BA02) or refNF (id: BA03) when informing off-site presence, indPres = 5, (id: B25b).
  • Validation (BA03-10) if informed in duplicate Nota Fiscal model 2 (id: BA03) reported in the Referenced Documents Group (id: BA01).
  • Definition of the unit of measurement to be used in the GLP product information, (I13-20).
  • Validation (K01-20) to compel the filling of the Product Traceability Group when the Medications Group is completed.
  • Validation (I84-10) of the product expiration date information in relation to the date of manufacture.
  • Validation (LA03c-10 / LA03c-20) of the information on the percentage of GLP blend and oblige the completion of the Pass-Through ICMS ST for some ANP codes when informed CST 60 (LA02-20).
  • Validation of the percentage reported for FCP (N17b-10 / N23b-10 / N27b-10).
  • Validation of the sum of the fields FCP (W04h-10), FCP-ST (W06a-10), IPI returned (W12a-10), when informed in the items.
  • Inclusion of the total amount of IPI returned, when it occurs, and of the value of the Poverty Combat Fund ST in the total value of NFe, (W16-10). Electronic Invoice NT 2016.002 6.
  • Validation (X02-20) to prohibit the filling of fields related to transport when it is an interstate operation. At the discretion of each UF, validation may be applied to internal operations.
  • Change in Validation (YA01-20) of filling the "Payment Information" Group for NFC-e and NF-e, at the discretion of each UF.
  • Validation not to allow the Payment Information Group in the Adjustment and Complementary Notes (YA01-30).
  • Validation for not allowing the Commercial Duplicate as Payment Form in NFC-e (YA02-10)
  • Validation to compel the completion of the Duplicate Group when informed of the Duplication of the Business as a Form. in Payment (YA02-20) and to not allow the filling of this Group when informed Cash or Check (YA02-30).
  • Validation (YA03-10 / YA03-20) of the sum of the reported payments.
  • Validation (YA09-10) to compute information from the change value field (tag: vTroco) when the value of the sum of the payments is greater than the value of the note.
The solution delivers the new fields in the new XML layout:

“nLote”, “qLote”, “dFab”, “dVal” from the group “rastro” NF-e XML;

“cProdANVISA” from the group “med NF-e XML;

“pGLp”, “pGNn”, “pGNni”, “vPart” from the group “comb” NF-e XML;

“detPag”, “tPag”, “vPag”, “tpIntegra”, “CNPJ”, “tBand”, “cAut”, “vTroco” from the group “pag NF-e XML;

“indEscala”, “CNPJFab”, “cBenef” from the group “prod” NF-e XML;

“pST”, “vBCFCPSTRet”, “pFCPSTRet”, “vFCPSTRet” from the group “ICMS60” NF-e XML;

“vBCSTDest”, “vICMSSTDest” from the group “ICMSST” NF-e XML;

“vBCFCPUFDest” from the group “ICMSUFDest” NF-e MXL;

“vIPIDevol”, “vFCP”, “vFCPST”, “vFCPSTRet”, “vIPIDevol” from the group “total” NF-e XML;

“indPres” from the group “ide” (Valor “5”) NF-e XML;

“model” from the group “refNF” (Modelo “2”) NF-e XML;

“modFrete” from the group “transp” (Valores “3” and “4”) NF-e XML;

“vBCFCP”, “pFCP”, “vFCP”, “vBCFCPST”, “pFCPST”, “vFCPST” fields in the “ICMS” group, according to their tax situation (CST).